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Collision Repair – Guelph

We meet most clients at a stressful time – right after a collision. And while it’s an unpleasant situation, we promise to make it as painless and quick as possible.



Whether it’s a minor fender bender or if a tow is required, Majestic is the right choice. Just drive over or have the tow-truck driver drop off your car. We work for all insurance companies, plus we’re a preferred shop for several. The choice of an auto-body shop is always yours. It’s illegal for an insurance company or tow-truck company to make you take your vehicle to a specific shop. Some insurance companies may pressure you to use a certain shop instead of one of your choosing by claiming that they won’t warranty a repair, or that the repair process will take longer. This is untrue. It’s always the shop that warrants the repair, not the insurance company, and Majestic prides itself on the speed and safety of its work, so you can rest assured that you’ll have your car back as quickly as possible.

Accidents often happen when the weather turns bad. That’s why we offer a convenient, warm and clean in door drive-thru appraisal area. Our estimators have been trained to give honest, accurate quotes and were once repair technicians themselves. We encourage all potential clients to get other estimates so they’ll be satisfied that their Majestic quotes not only offer real value but also ensure that we have your safety in mind, without dangerously cutting corners to save a few dollars.

It’s hard to suddenly not have a car. That’s why we offer valet shuttle service and rental car assistance so we can give you a lift home or have a rental car delivered right to us so you can get on with your life.

Whether it’s heavy collision damage or minor dings and scratches, Majestic has the team, technology and skill to make the repair.

We use the latest technology, such as laser alignment for unibody and frame repairs and state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly painting and refinishing. You have our commitment that all replacement parts are of top quality. Our technicians are highly skilled and licensed tradespeople with ongoing training in the latest techniques.

No matter how much experience you have or how closely you inspect a car, sometimes there can be surprises. If we find something that was hidden during the original inspection, we’ll let you know immediately so you can let us know how you want to proceed.

We take pride in consistently exceeding the industry’s standard turnaround time, and we do so without jeopardizing the integrity of the repair. At Majestic, we stand behind our work – we give you a written lifetime warranty on the repair’s quality and workmanship. We even rustproof the repair, and every vehicle leaves with a complimentary detailing.

You drive home happy

Majestic Collision